Character Demo Reel

Studio Setup

Microphone - Aston Origin
Interface - Presonus Audiobox iOne
DAW - Adobe Audition
Internet Speeds

About Me

With every recording, I offer my full commitment to each role to bring you that outstanding performance your project deserves. Each voice is recorded directly from my home setup, allowing for a clear sound.As well as voice acting, I also do a wide range of media work. This includes, design, digital art, editing & music production.At the forefront, voice acting is what I love. When I'm in the booth, nothing comes between me and my performance. With each role, I feel fully immersed in the worlds each respective character comes from, allowing for an authentic take.If you think I'm what your project is missing, please be sure to contact me at:jamesmolloyva@gmail.comI look forward to working with you!